Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No More Diapers!!!

Well at least until the new baby comes in March. I decided to take the chance and try to potty-train Audrey before I get too big. Plus I was tired of her screaming everytime she had a poopy diaper. She hated it. After only a couple of days she was only having one accident a day. She even weny to church with underwear. It has been eight days now and she didn't have any accidents today and even tells us when she needs to go and sleeps through the night in underwear! Christmas definately came early this year. Since she can be such a difficult child I thought potty-training would be a power struggle nightmare. She decided to give her mom a break. Eric and I just laugh because our daughter who eats crayons is potty-trained.

Imagination ran wild...

Porter is quite creative now that he is three. He loves pretending to fish (he usually catches a bag of M&M's), being a superhero, and have imaginary pets. He thinks all superheros have wings so he has imaginary wings that he puts on. One day he was crying because he left one of his wings at his friend's house. I had to convince him that his friend dropped it off on our front porch for him. The lastest has been his imaginary dog Clifford who is red but normal dog size. Porter opens the back door when Clifford needs to go to the bathroom. He even has Clifford sit on his lap in the car. He tells his friends they can pet Clifford and then Porter and his friends run around the house playing chase with the pet dog. I have even threatened Porter with Clifford. If he gets out of bed then Clifford has to sleep outside and can't sleep on Porter's bed. Since Eric and I lack in creativity it is fun to see the things Porter comes up with.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a girl!

I finally had my ultrasound today. I think Eric and I both thought it was a boy but no another girl. I'm excited for Audrey to have a sister. She looked very healthy. She kept covering her face so we didn't get a profile. She did flex her arm muscles for us.

So far I like the names Theia (thee-ah) or Tia Michelle. I don't think Eric is a fan.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Porter's Birthday

Porter is now three. He was pretty excited and kept telling me, "My birthday's coming soon, but I can't see it yet." He had a friend bug party (none of the pictures turned out). It was mayhem at our house but I think Porter and his friends had fun.

Porter was so excited about this present he rides it everyday. He is really fast. We had to make a bunch of new rules for playing outside.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

October Fun

Over conference weekend I decided to try grinding some of our wheat and made wheat bread. I was amazed that the loaves actually turned out and tasted really good. Audrey liked the bread so much we would catch her sneaking in the kitchen and pulling chunks off the bread to eat.

We always forget that fall really starts in September not October. The leaves were still beautiful.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Triathlon #3 - Coalville, UT

When the Salem triathlon was rained out I thought it would be a good idea to sign-up for an Olympic distance triathlon. I didn't realize how much more training I would need. I was not ready and really didn't want to do it. Eric finally convinced me that I would at least finish. I did. I didn't even have to walk but my run time went from 7 min miles to 10 which was frustrating. My swim was great (32 min. - that's my time in the pool). My overall time was 3:20. I figured I did okay since it was a qualifying race for the World Championships and most people had thousand dollar bikes. It made me feel pretty good when I was doing better than someone on a $10,000 bike. I think I like the sprint distances better and will stick with those for a while.

Geyer Family Union 2008

Thanks to the fires in CA our Lake Shasta trip was cancelled and we spent most of our vacation in San Francisco. The first day we went to Marine World and the kids had a blast. Porter loves Thomas the Train.
Porter and cousin Katrina riding Harold. Thanks Katrina for going on so many rides with the kids.

Porter with his cousins on Bertie the Bus.
Porter was so excited to take a picture with "Thomas daddy."

On the way home from San Francisco we stopped at the jelly-belly factory. The kids go a bag of jelly beans and both made themselves sick eating almost the whole bag.
We had a fun but exhausting trip. Porter is super tired still and we have been home for several days.